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Carlos Miranda Levy • 7 February 2019

Part of our objectives at innov is to make the conversation, planning and actions around innovation more transparent, democratic and open, guaranteeing the incidence of all the relevant actors in the discussion of challenges and priorities and in the formulation of solutions and strategies within of all sectors of society.

a different kind of consultation

In our personal experience as active actors in the formulation of diagnoses and strategies, the frequent consultations that we receive as part of diagnostic processes and formulation of strategies are a bit tiring. We respond only to later see our answers disappear in anonymity and / or be interpreted by a consultant, work group or organization. In addition, these consultations often reflect a previous vision or paradigm of the expected outcome, predetermining the structure of the responses and their articulation.

listening and amplifying the voices of relevant stakeholders

Innovation is something that we build together, but it is also a process of individual and personal leadership. The aggregate masses do not innovate, they follow. That is why it is important to highlight and listen to the voices of the innovators, the influencers, the relevant actors and accompany them of the rest of the stakeholders. And precisely because of this, we chose not to make a massive consultation through impersonal calls for participation.

While anyone can answer the interview on our website, each of the actors interviewed in the first phase, has received a personal invitation from a member of our team, explaining the nature of the consultation and the objectives and vision of our initiative. The interviewees have been selected for their role within each sector and based on their experience, vision and actions. Receiving a personal invitation from a recognized and relevant actor or peer, brings confidence and additional motivation to participation, eliminating the laziness and boredom generated by impersonal institutional consultations. Being able to visualize the results and the path of actions to take around the answers serves as additional motivation too.

And finally, the fact that the responses are visible individually as a personal interview, serves for some as an additional motivation to express their vision and project it for the benefit of all.

The interviewees can share their interviews with their colleagues and environment, inviting them to comment and discuss them openly, while other actors and the general public can comment directly.

We do not hijack the responses of the actors or interpret them. We publish them in full, reflecting their particular vision, without our intervention or external bias.

the art and technique of good consultating

Frequently, consultations suffer from the challenge of "capture" or "sequestration" of the results by the actors and sectors that respond. A good consultation must take care of the quality and diversity of its responses, carefully curating the interviewees and guaranteeing the diversity, relevance and balance of the participants.

Consulting is not just an activity or task within a process. It is both an art and a science, with technique and care that begins with the design of the consultation and requires a great effort in the curation of the answers to guarantee the quality of the results as relevant and impacting actionable products.

open questions, deep and relevant answers

Our consultation takes extreme care in asking open questions, focused on critical aspects that allow free participation with contributions of value by the interviewees and do not reflect our expectations of strategy or action.

For some, the questions are very open, too many, and even too complex for others. But this guarantees that only interested and engaged stakeholders will take the time to answer them.

We bet on an initial effort for quality, not quantity. The other actors can be integrated by commenting on the initial responses and participating in debates around them. And those who do not feel represented, can complete the consultation and be added to the main body.

live, direct and dynamic results

An important decision on our part is not to waste time generating sterile, static reports, consolidating and interpreting the responses of the interviewees.

The interviews are available in full and can be consulted by sector. When a new interview is completed and revised, it is added to the repository and list.

The result is a dynamic and transversal cross-section of innovation by sector, described by its own protagonists and actors, which is constantly updated with new interviews, reviews of the interviewees and comments from other actors and the general public.

In addition, aggregating and deconstructing the interviews, we generate directly lists of challenges, opportunities and recommendations by sector, with the textual words of their relevant actors.

actionable and forward results

As explained in our strategy, the interviews are complemented by an ideation platform in which all the challenges, opportunities and recommendations by sector will be published so that the relevant actors and the general public can evaluate, comment, expand and offer their own ideas and opinions around them.

Each of the ideas and solutions that are interesting and valued within its sector, will receive additional dedicated attention to formally structure it in the form of an actionable project that can be launched, receive funding and be articulated by the relevant actors.

These processes and platforms that complement the interviews are explained in detail in our strategy.

The point we want to emphasize is that the interview is not just another interview, it is not just an interview, but much more. It is a beginning, a gateway to a dynamic and participatory universe of shared value construction and concrete actions for relevant innovation at a local and global level.

Complete your personal interview today and let's innovate!

Carlos Miranda Levy
Innovation Coordinator
Civil Innovation Lab

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